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Si eres fan de la decoración nórdica, no te preocupes, porque esta Navidad vas a tener donde escoger. Esos espacios luminosos de tonalidades blancas que tanto te gustan vienen cargados de estrellitas, velas, coronas de adviento y detalles perfectos para celebrar las fiestas más familiares del año. Y es que a veces la sencillez gana la partida, ¡así que toma asiento y disfruta de estas 30 ideas navideñas que triunfan en Instagram!

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How has everyone’s day been? We’ve had a really lazy day with just a trip to the park as this is the first weekend I’ve spent with the family for a long time! The last two were spent working @hyggeforallseasons . Everything we do in life right now especially anything house related takes days! So Christmas tree bought yesterday, put up this evening & will be decorated now tomorrow night! 😂 we literally move at a snails pace it’s just impossible with three little ones & both being freelancers & also running on empty from the lack of sleep! . So on Friday night I had a welcome change from the crazy demands of family life & spent three hours @flower_lodge wreath making! It’s the first time for a long time I’ve done something for myself! And for those three hours I thought about nothing other than the task in hand, it felt so good!! I felt like I had space in my head again, does anyone know what I mean? I know I am explaining this badly but day to day my head is full of so many to do lists, I get overwhelmed & end up being so unproductive & I never complete a job everything is always half finished whereas the wreath making was so satisfying as I actually completed the job!! 🙌🏽😂 the wreath is staying in our garden as we never use the front of the house plus I don’t want to draw attention to our horrendous front garden!! 🙈 just looking for someone locally to come & help me do it. . Have a lovely evening ❤️ . . . #christmasdecor #christmas2017 #christmasdecorations #apartmenttherapy #myinterior #homeinspo #interiorinspo #interior_design #interiordetails #myhomevibe #interior4all #elledecor #ehdweekendmakeover #christmaswreath #hmhome #interior9508 #interiorblogger #mynordicroom #boligpluss #finahem #textures #naturalhome #decordailydose #outdoorliving #mygarden #yard #nordicchristmas #nordicstyle #interior12follow #finditstyleit

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